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Use Video to Help Market your Next Experiential Event

Video is a very useful and powerful marketing tool for almost any type of business.  It can increase engagement and conversions.  Additionally, using video to market events is very important.  The market research group Forrester conducted a study that found that “one minute of video can be equivalent to 1.8 million words”. There are other reasons why video can be more engaging than just pictures or text. It has an appeal that touches two of our senses simultaneously; hearing and sight.  Video is also helpful for ranking in the search results of Google’s universal search algorithm, which blends search results from images, videos and news as well as text articles into a search query result.

YouTube is used more than Yahoo or Bing by people searching for information, which it is ranked 2nd only to Google.  YouTube receives more a billion unique visits every month, with that being said, 17 production works with savvy, creative engagement marketing agencies to incorporate video production services into experiential events for many global Fortune 500 brands

Video can be used Before, During and After-Live Events

Using Video Before an Event.     

Using Video During an Event     

Using Video After the Event


Using videos is a great event promotion tool, that allow people that did not attend to learn about what it was like and what they missed. It can be used to generate interest in the brand and future events.  Contact 17 production to help partner with your brand to showcase your next event in a professional way.


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